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Introducing Jared Armstrong from Marriage, Mobasters, and the Marine

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The Master Seargent's Mission

Stepping out the helicopter felt like stepping into a furnace. The air shimmered with heat. Distant fires gave the air an unpleasant, smoky tang. A fine layer of desert sand coated everything include the Marines stationed in the Iraq desert.

The pilot had dropped Jared and his fresh-from-training spotter in the middle of nowhere. The dust cloud stirred up by ‘copter’s rotors made breathing hard. Jared jogged north, out of the dust. Slower to react, Lance Corporal Butler to joined him a moment later. “Do you ever get used to the dust, sir?”

Terse and unflappable, Jared was a man to rely on. The steel in his spine masked his soft heart. “Never. Sometimes, though, a dust cloud can be your best friend. Once that stuff settles, we’ll grab our stuff and head east toward the reported terrorist camp. Intelligence said Chemical Kasim is due in tomorrow to test his latest batch of nerve gas.”

As a Master Sergeant and a top class Marine sniper, Jared had trained to work in different terrains, but he’d always choose a jungle over a desert. Not that he had any choice in his postings.

Breaking in a new spotter, especially since this was Jared’s last mission before he returned to civilian life, wasn’t something he’d planned. Potter, his regular spotter, understood his get in, make your shot, and get out mentality. The greenhorn kid wanted to save the world.

Not that, Chis “Rhett” Butler was a bad kid, just excited by his first tour of Iraq as a spotter. Jared had been here before, of course. His second term finished in two weeks. After that, he’d done killing to order—no matter how many innocent lives his missions saved...


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