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What I Learned About Kindle Unlimited Today. #amazon #kindle #newcovers

I fell out of love with the covers for my Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge series and needed new ones.

No prob. I hopped over to Period images, picked out some suitable sexy guys, and wondered what to do next. Fortunately, I have a friend who tells me when I produce rubbish.

These I what I finally came up with.

I hope you like them.

When I updated on Amazon I noticed two things.

The first is that I could link them as a series. I don't think it's so much new as that I missed it. I've set it up now. I can't wait to see how that looks on Amazon.

The second thing?

They are all available on Kindle Unlimited, but when I set the pricing, I was stunned.

I started with the minimum price for the USA even though I'm a Brit.

Usually, I've trusted Amazon to set the foreign prices. I won't do it again.

I skimmed down the list.

First, the UK price was £2.20 and I could lower it to £1.79.

The Brazilain price was 328 real, but I could lower it to 1.99 real. (That sounds like a huge difference to me.)

The Indian price I lowered from 220 rupees to 99 rupees. The Japenese from 328 yen to 99 yen.

Some of this must be currency fluctuations. I don't think it all is. I might be selling my books for next to nothing.

I have sold books in India, but if they are vastly overpriced then that explains why I haven't sold many.



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