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#Vampires, Sunshine, and Classical Music. Intregued? I am. @KateHillRomance #lostlove #romance

1. The vampires in Through My Heart are probably the most traditional type vampires I've ever written about, but even they have some variations from the norm. Among other things, Adrian and Anna don't fear religious objects and they can survive in sunlight.

2. I listened to lute music while writing the first two sections of the story and flute music while writing the last section.

3. Adrian was originally meant to form a friendship with the legendary King Arthur, but that later changed to a friendship with King Cedric.

4. One of the most challenging parts of writing Through My Heart was describing the vampires' point of view when they changed into smoke.

5. The hardest scene to write was Adrian and Anna's breakup. Though I empathized with both characters, I was almost as mad at him as Anna was!

Through My Heart by Kate Hill Series: Romantic Moments Format(s): Ebook Heat Level: Spicy Pairing(s): M/F Genre/Themes: Vampires, Lost Love, Romantic Horror Length: Short Story

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Adrian – I am a vampire whose physical ugliness intensified with my immortality. For centuries I hunted alone, disguising myself from prey, preferring illusions to brutal attacks. Others of my kind spurned me. Some tried to destroy me, and on them I unleashed my wrath. I suffered the agony of eternal loneliness, and then I met Anna.

Anna – My life was almost unbearable until a tall, black-haired stranger with fiery eyes and needle sharp teeth drank my blood and swept me into an unimaginable world. From the night we met, I gave Adrian my heart, but a lie spun by an enemy drove us apart. I swore I would never give anyone the chance to hurt me again, especially Adrian.

Note: Through My Heart is a very short romantic horror story featuring vampiric love. It has a spicy heat level, violence, and a HEA. This Romantic Moments story is the perfect length for a lunch break, before bed, or any time you want a quick, romantic read.


A delicious scent teased my nose. It was musky, sweet, and sad. The aroma of despair. My gaze riveted to a beautiful woman—hair as black as my own, dark eyes with flecks of gold that my keen vision detected even from across the street. She was slim and her skin kissed golden by the sun. Despite the warmth of the air, she shivered and rubbed her bare arms that were imprinted with bruises from an earlier customer.

I approached, still wearing a hood—blood drinkers are rarely affected by warmth or cold, unless it's extreme. The hood, combined with my powers of the mind, would create the illusion of handsome looks. I didn't spin the dream quite yet, though. Sometimes, I indulged in the self-torture of seeing how they react to me.

She glanced at me when I paused beside her, so close that my shadow darkened her face.

"Welcome. Would you like to come inside?" she asked in a soft monotone. Her voice, like her scent, emanated despair. She didn't even appear surprised by my appearance.

"Very much."

With a sigh, she turned and led me past a tattered curtain, into the small, candlelit room where she lived and entertained customers.

She gestured toward the stone bed.

I remained standing and said, "We should talk first."

Now she raised an arched black eyebrow. "About what?"

About Kate

Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies. When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, watching horror movies, and researching vampires and Viking history. She runs the Compelling Beasts Blog that is dedicated to antagonists, antiheroes, and paranormal creatures. Kate also writes as Saloni Quinby.

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