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The Quest for Captain Sammy’s Treasure #5ft #pirate #anthology #paranormal

The Quest for Captain Sammy’s Treasure

I’m pleased to share five facts about my story, The Quest for Captain Sammy’s Treasure.

1. Captain Sammy, the sorceress Rilpu, and the wizard Zkauba met in the second Tales from the Dreamlands novel, The Quest for the Wizard’s Key. This story is available on Amazon.

2. Captain Sammy is a ghost. The laws of physics work somewhat differently in Earth’s Dreamlands, the realm where the story is set. Therefore, Captain Sammy can do things most ghosts can’t, such as pick up solid objects. He has been a ghost for approximately 500 Earth years. At the time of his death, he deliberately stood in direct sunlight so his corporeal body would burn to ash, as he did not wish to become a vampire.

3. Rilpu was born as an intelligent serpent. She was transformed into a young humanoid woman after ingesting a potion. She has red hair, a pale complexion, pointed ears, and snakelike golden-green eyes.

4. The wizard Zkauba was created by H. P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price, appearing in their story Through the Gates of the Silver Key. This story was first published in the July 1934 issue of Weird Tales. Zkauba is an alien creature with a vulture-like head, tapir-like snout, insectoid legs, and arms resembling bird talons. He comes from the planet Yaddith.

5. The adventurers are assisted by Nyarlathotep’s daughter. Nyarlathotep may be the most powerful of H. P. Lovecraft’s Outer Gods. His daughter, Yadira, is his equal. However, the enemy the friends face on their quest to recover Captain Sammy’s treasure presents a challenge even for a mighty goddess.

Book Blurb:

Treasure is within reach.

Nineteen original tales of swashbuckling glory are at your fingertips in this anthology. From pirates lured into traps, treasure hunting gone wrong, and epic battles on the open sea. From vengeful ghosts to gruesome mutinies. Living on the edge comes with high costs.

Featuring stories by Paulene Turner, James Romag, Maeve A. Baird, Matthew Fryer, Isa Ottoni, Bianca Breen, Charles Kyffhausen, Allison Tebo, Douglas Allen Gohl, Edgar Mahaffey, Jennifer Strassel, Stephen A. Roddewig, Robert Allen Lupton, K. Anders, Barend Nieuwstraten III, Melody Bowles, and

C.L. Hart.

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Price: $1.99 ebook (Pre-order price)

Story Blurb:

Five centuries ago, Captain Sammy buried his treasure in an unlikely location before letting the sun burn his body to ash to avoid becoming a vampire. Now the spectral pirate is back in the Jungle of Kled to reclaim his treasure, accompanied by two unusual friends.

Rilpu is a young sorceress born as a serpent but transformed into a humanoid female by a spell. The wizard Zkauba hails from the doomed world of Yaddith. They are soon joined by an impressive companion: Yadira, the daughter of Nyarlathotep. However, it is possible that even Nyarlathotep's daughter may not be able to defeat the abomination standing in the blighted clearing under the pedestal where Captain Sammy's treasure is hidden.

Do the ghostly pirate captain and his friends have a chance of reclaiming the treasure and continuing their mission to save the Cosmos from destruction or are they destined to fail?


Darkness and ominous silence dominated the Jungle of Kled. Strange towering trees moving in ways that defied explanation cast shadows that shimmered and danced. Each rustle in the darkness represented a potential threat, and every shadow teemed with unseen danger. A network of twisted vines snaked through the underbrush, their thick tendrils blocking any light that might have penetrated the canopy above.

A palpable sense of dread filled the air as strange and terrifying cries echoed from the shadows. The flapping of massive leathery wings could be heard as monstrous creatures ascended into the dark green sky. Insects of enormous size buzzed and crawled across toxic flowers. The feeling of being watched was ever-present, a sense of malice stalking every step.

It was into this scene that three peculiar travelers fell from an ovoid of light the color of key lime pie filling. Despite the bumpy landing, the first of the trio seemed unperturbed. This sturdy, mature gentleman quickly righted himself, doing a jaunty jig in the air, his silver and gold curls bouncing as he moved. A beam of moonlight passed through him, revealing his ethereal nature.

About the Author:

C. L. Hart, the owner and sole employee of Naughty Netherworld Press, is spoken of in hushed tones. She is described as The Mad Scribe of the Northeastern Colorado Plains, The Terrible Old Woman, and The Author That Should Not Be.

When not penning sanity-destroying works of dystopian fiction, lovecraftian fantasy, or old-school horror with the occasional sweet romance thrown in to upset the cosmic apple cart, Ms. Hart enjoys creating baked goods she hopes will be considered palatable.

Ms. Hart shares a home in a remote rural town of 134 souls with her adult son and three cats. Her sense of fashion is best described as Early Twenty-First Century Unmade Bed. This disabled former nurse can usually be found arguing with herself about subplots or rehabilitating eldritch horrors.

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