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Saturday Spanking's - Do You Love Someone Enough To Kill Them. #paranormal #action #romance

Welcome to the Saturday spankings blog. Please check out my fellow author's excerpts using the links below.

My Excerpt.

As he hauled her upright, he buried his nose in her hair. Bloody hell, she’s human. His stomach plummeted. Briefly, his jaw clamped and his eyes narrowed, but needing to see her smile, he relaxed his features. “You smell of summer and freedom, things I’ve not enjoyed since the imposter king drugged us.”

Inwardly, he cursed her humanity and its fatal consequences. If he’d found her outside of this arctic jail, he’d have wooed her with expensive meals, fresh flowers, and walks on the beach. In here, she’d die within weeks, possibly days.

Dazed that his one-and-only soulmate had turned up in this hellhole, he spoke without thinking. “Gore, you went to search for the latest prisoner, but you brought lunch.”

His ill-thought words added to her distress. He could have kicked himself for that. While he should keep his distance, touching her illuminated his world. He gave into compulsion and stroked her hair. Soft and silky, he wanted to wrap it around his fist and drag her lips against his. That, or spank her until she screamed for him to screw her. He’d show her a breathtaking mix of pleasure and pain that left her begging for more.

She stiffened as though spiders ran over her flesh and punched his arm. “Get off me, you creep.”

Wishing he’d kept his mouth shut, he flashed her a grin guaranteed to make women drop their panties. Her angry glare ripped strips from his heart, and for the first time, his fabled charm deserted him. Almost, he dropped to his knees and begged her forgiveness, but he was the dominant here.

Terror radiated from her as she kept her hands over her tits and her cunt. He tugged down their tattered curtain and wrapped it around her. “I’m sorry we have nothing better.”

His cock demanded he tie her down and hammer it inside her. Her fierce glower wounded him, but her warrior spirit entranced him. Her future’s darker than this blasted dungeon. She’s mine, but not to keep.

Once the prison door had slammed behind her, her lifespan shrank to days. Hours, maybe. He ached to cosset her, but all he could offer her was a quick death. Whatever I do, I lose her. There could be no happy-ever-after for her.

Gore yanked her out of his embrace and into his arms. Fists curled at his side, Plato hissed and bared his fangs. She was his to nurture and protect. His to kill if the necessity arose.

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When she is captured and thrown into a cage filled with ravenous vampires, Gwen assumes she will be devoured. But among the horde is a huge, terrifyingly powerful berserker who has other plans for her. She will belong not only to him, but to all of the vampires of his triad, and her beautiful body will be theirs to use and enjoy as thoroughly and shamefully as they please.

Gwen soon learns that her new masters will demand obedience from their little human, and it isn’t long before her defiance has earned her a painful, humiliating spanking. But even with tears still running down her blushing cheeks, her helpless arousal cannot be denied, and as she is claimed and ravaged again and again her pleas for mercy are soon lost amid her cries of pleasure.

Publisher’s Note: Claimed as Theirs is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Taken as Theirs. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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