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No One Deserves The Things They'll do To Her Now.

Welcome to the Marketing for Romance Writers weekly blog. My fellow authors all share an extract from one of their books. Mine is from my latest release Claimed as Theirs. Please check out what my friends have shared using the links at the foot of the post.


All pretense of slavery forgotten, she rammed the palm of her free hand against his nose. Blood poured from it. Stunned that a human dared to fight back, he released her and tried to stem the bleeding. “Methuselah will have you whipped for that. Afterward, I’ll be the second Molaresmorte to ram my cock in your ass. As the next king, Guy gets first dibs on your body.”

“Vampire lore says you can’t touch me until after the challenges.” Head high, she tugged at the door handle. “Never doubt Bronte’s victory. Your vile triad doesn’t stand a chance against him.”

Meg smirked when Gwen staggered back into the kitchen. “Leave me and my daughter alone. You and your idiot vampires are going to get her killed.”

Shocked tears flooded Gwen’s cheeks as she ran toward Gore. Rosie followed on her heels. “That wasn’t nice, Mum.”

Before they made it out the door, three troopers marched past Orwell and into the slave quarters. He must have had them primed and waiting, but he hadn’t expected her all-out assault.

The lower-ranked soldiers grabbed her arms. The third, their obvious commander, grinned in anticipation. “Methuselah will order you stripped and flogged for this.”

Gore exploded through the doorway, fists raised. “Move away from my woman.”

Their sergeant sneered. “She broke Orwell’s nose. He’ll see her dead for that.”

“He attacked me,” Gwen yelled.

A trooper slapped her so hard she staggered. “Silence. No one gave you permission to speak.”

Gore’s muscles swelled as his berserker side surfaced. His huge hands closed around the trooper’s wrist, bending it backward until he heard bones snap. “Touch her again, and I’ll separate your hand from your arm.”

The soldier screamed and dropped his weapon. The clatter of metal on stone echoed through the kitchen. Crumpled on the flagstones, the guard’s pained cries filled the room. The other two gathered their wits and double-teamed Gore, but his jackhammer punches felled them in seconds. Panicked women leaped to their feet. Tables overturned. Gray stew pooled on the floor like vomit.

Stepping over the fallen troopers, Gore pulled his mate outside.

Still sobbing, she launched herself into his arms. “I let you down, but Orwell planned to screw me in the castle corridor. I’m not sorry I broke his nose.”

With a hug that made her worry for her ribs, Gore dropped a tender kiss on her brow. “Plato knows vampire lore better than anyone. If there’s a way out of this mess, he’ll find it.”

Inside, they heard the other females turn on Meg. “You knew.”

“She helped Rosie and you betrayed her.”

“How could you?”

“No one deserves things they’ll do to her now.”

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When she is captured and thrown into a cage filled with ravenous vampires, Gwen assumes she will be devoured. But among the horde is a huge, terrifyingly powerful berserker who has other plans for her. She will belong not only to him, but to all of the vampires of his triad, and her beautiful body will be theirs to use and enjoy as thoroughly and shamefully as they please.

Gwen soon learns that her new masters will demand obedience from their little human, and it isn’t long before her defiance has earned her a painful, humiliating spanking. But even with tears still running down her blushing cheeks, her helpless arousal cannot be denied, and as she is claimed and ravaged again and again her pleas for mercy are soon lost amid her cries of pleasure.

Publisher's Note Vlaimed as Theirs s a a stand alone novel set in the same world as Taken as Theirs. It includes spanking and rugh, intense sexual scenes. If suck material offends you, please don't by this book. Publisher’s Note: Claimed as Theirs is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Taken as Theirs. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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