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Name Game Made Easy - Step by Step Instructions

Ever wanted to make one of these?

Step by Step instruction and screenshots included

Start in Excel.

Head your first column by decider i.e. First initial, colour of blouse, or whatever.

For those not familiar with excel, I used wrap text on the the title box rather than let it sprawl over the page.

It's on the home page, in the fourth box from the left.

In the next column write the name you want the player to be.

I prefer to make the next column really thin by grabbing the right-hand dividing line in the Heading line. and tugging it in.

Continuing in Excel, complete the rest of your grid.

Next, add some colour to your grid. Do that by selecting either letter at the top of the column. That highlights the whole column. Select a background colour you like.

This seems squashed, so I've added a column to both sides and the bottom. I also added three coloured rows to the top and added a title.

All this needs now is a frame. You can either add a contrast colour all around by adding columns and rows then selecting a contrasting colour or head over to photoshop or Canva and frame it there.

To extract from Excel highlight the cells you want to copy, then on the home screen go to the pull-down alongside the world copy and select copy as a picture. I copied (Control V) to a word document then saved as a picture.

There you go. Ready to use.

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