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Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill me by Lyndi Alexander #vampire #romance

1. Sara Woods is a print journalist, new to the city of Ralston, Ohio, and one of her first stories is that of the serial deaths of a number of young women, just about her age, who turn up dead with no apparent cause.

2. The handsome young doctor who takes an interest in Sara, and who's lost several patients to this mystery, has secrets of his own.

3. Police officer Brendon Zale seems to be much too conveniently in places where he can watch what Sara is doing and who she's talking to. Why is he stalking her?

4. Not all vampires are the blood-sucking kind.

5. Working as a reporter at a small town paper is a lot more fun than one might think--I know from personal experience. One of the first days I worked at the paper we went to lunch at a local restaurant, where the main theme was flicking open cream containers at the other reporters with forks.

--LOVE ME, KISS ME, KILL ME from Lyndi Alexander and Hydra Publications


Running away isn’t necessarily the answer.

In her mad rush to escape a failed marriage, Sara Woods takes the first job available and lands in the middle of a mystery. Her first assignment as a news reporter for the Ralston Courier is the investigation of a string of deaths, all young women, all her age. She becomes a patient at the Goldstone Clinic, a local mecca of healing, to deal with chronic pain from her past. But all is not as it seems at the Goldstone, its doctors and nurses are all the picture of perfect beauty and health. Patients at the clinic first seem to get better, then they deteriorate. Sara enlists the help of Dr. Rick Paulsen, who teaches her how to access her internal power, skills she never knew she had, revealing secrets from her past. Police officer Brendon Zale also takes an interest in Sara, but he acts like a stalker, watching her every move, and he won't leave her alone. As she digs deeper into the story, and more young women die without explanation, she tries to choose allies wisely, but not till the last confrontation does she discover the identity of her true enemy. By then, it’s too late.

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About Lyndi Alexander

Lyndi Alexander always dreamed of faraway worlds and interesting alien contacts. She lives as a post-modern hippie in Asheville, North Carolina, a single mother of her last child of seven, a daughter on the autism spectrum, finding that every day feels a lot like first contact with a new species.




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