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I'd Rather Stand - #Satspanks #menage #plague #postapocolyptic #vampire

Welcome to the Saturday Spanings blog hop where authors share snippets from their books Mine is from my latest book, Claimed as Theirs.

In a post-apocolyptic world, my heroine, Gwen has three vampire mates, but on is ill. She sneaks out to find some herbs, but earns herself a spanking from the the fierce Gore. Afterward another of her mates tries to soothe her.


He made her feel she mattered, but maybe he just wanted to tie her down and screw her again. He kept up the sensual massage. “I need to hold you and kiss away your pain, but I won’t push it. Can you really ease Plato’s suffering? Whatever it takes to help him, I’ll see you get it.”

When she rolled to face him, she winced as her bottom touched the mattress. Her glare could have come straight from the Arctic. Digging in her pocket, she pulled the vials of herbal medicines that she’d salvaged from the village store and slammed them on the bedside table.

Puzzled, he picked one up and read the label. “What’re they?”

“Excuses,” she snapped. “Four of them that might be good for Plato.”

Face pale, eyes stark, he gulped. “Then you didn’t flee because we were too stupid to listen? You really were trying to help.”

She shuddered as she remembered the renegade who’d attacked her. When Gore found her, his protection had sheltered her like an umbrella in a storm. Only afterward, his actions had spoken louder than his words.

That spanking had been brutal. He’d left her tearful and needy, lacking the sensual satisfaction she craved. It ate at her soul that he despised her humanity. No wonder he’d humiliated her before his friends.

Confused, voice numb, face blank of all emotion, she still refused to look at Bronte. “I wasn’t leaving then. Now, given half a chance, I’ll be out of here so fast I leave skid marks in the courtyard. ”

He blanched as he studied the vials she’d slammed on the bedside table. “Please, sunshine, even if you can’t forgive Gore, and by extension me, none of this is Plato’s fault. Can you save him for us?”

Her hurt ran so deep that she couldn’t look at him. “Forgive him? After what he has planned? Forget it. I shouldn’t care, but why the sudden about-face?”

Cheeks flushed, Bronte forced a tight smile. “Desperation, I suppose. That and regret that we didn’t listen to you earlier.”

His honesty touched her, but her anger burned too brightly for her to let it go. “One of my botany textbooks claimed that when American animals are bitten by a rattlesnake, they eat bucket-loads of echinacea. It boosts their immune system enough for them to survive.”

He offered his arm, and again she ignored it. Disappointment radiated from him, but he held the door open for her. Without looking at him, she grabbed the vials and the honey, before she marched through the central lounge and into Plato’s room.

When she saw Gore sitting at the bedside, she froze. Bronte draped his arms over her shoulders, offering what comfort she’d allow. She let him hold her a little too long, enjoying the contact.

His soft-spoken sentiment helped. “It’s okay. I promise.”

The giant vampire flushed and moved toward the window. “Please, sit here.”

Without thinking, she tensed and rubbed her bottom. “I’d rather stand.”

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When she is captured and thrown into a cage filled with ravenous vampires, Gwen assumes she will be devoured. But among the horde is a huge, terrifyingly powerful berserker who has other plans for her. She will belong not only to him, but to all of the vampires of his triad, and her beautiful body will be theirs to use and enjoy as thoroughly and shamefully as they please.

Gwen soon learns that her new masters will demand obedience from their little human, and it isn’t long before her defiance has earned her a painful, humiliating spanking. But even with tears still running down her blushing cheeks, her helpless arousal cannot be denied, and as she is claimed and ravaged again and again her pleas for mercy are soon lost amid her cries of pleasure.

Publisher’s Note: Claimed as Theirs is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Taken as Theirs. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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