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Gwen loves it when a Plan Comes Together. #vampires #menage #adventure #romance

Welcome to this weeks Saturday Spankings Blog. This week I'm sharing a snippet from my latest release, Claimed as Theirs.

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Very Naughty Snippet

His encouraging grin calmed her, as did the golden lights that glowed in his eyes. If they didn’t intend to hurt her and force themselves on her, she’d kiss them until she forgot how to breathe. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

Plato curled his hand around hers. “Relax and surrender yourself into our care. Once you’re sizzling with sensual delight and adrenaline-fueled strength, Bronte can satisfy his hunger without killing you.”

Individually, each of these vampires sparked a wildfire in her heart. Together they supercharged her desires into a fireball of wicked need, but bedding multiple partners had never featured in her game plan—especially when they came with fangs.

These three tempted and threatened her. Confused her too. Since escape seemed impossible, she’d grit her teeth and endure whatever they’d planned.

Bronte dragged her deeper into the cell. “Sorry, sunshine, but our survival, and yours, depends on this.”

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she made out a battered wooden chair standing in the near corner. Two sets of manacles dangled from the far wall. The restraints heightened her need to escape. That or laugh hysterically.

One pair was hung so high up the rock face that if Bronte chained her in them, her feet wouldn’t touch the floor. Someone had hammered the others into the wall at waist height. They’d spread a seated prisoner’s arms wide and hold them immobile.

Bronte took command. “Do you have something to fasten her other arm, too?”

So much for his down-home charm. He’s as sadistic and overbearing as any vampire out there. Sexy as hell, though.

Plato produced another binding. “I’m ahead of you there, brother.”

Passion deepened Bronte’s voice. “We can smell your arousal pooling in your cunt. Don’t overthink this, sunshine. Your body craves us. Submit. No compromises. No bargains. Just red-hot sex and so many orgasms that you pass out.”

God, my pussy’s dripping from his dirty words. I shouldn’t want this, but I do.

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When she is captured and thrown into a cage filled with ravenous vampires, Gwen assumes she will be devoured. But among the horde is a huge, terrifyingly powerful berserker who has other plans for her. She will belong not only to him, but to all of the vampires of his triad, and her beautiful body will be theirs to use and enjoy as thoroughly and shamefully as they please.

Gwen soon learns that her new masters will demand obedience from their little human, and it isn’t long before her defiance has earned her a painful, humiliating spanking. But even with tears still running down her blushing cheeks, her helpless arousal cannot be denied, and as she is claimed and ravaged again and again her pleas for mercy are soon lost amid her cries of pleasure.

Publisher’s Note: Claimed as Theirs is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Taken as Theirs. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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