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Five Facts Thursday - Five facets about Scarborough Castle #5ft #Scarborough #Castle #takenasthere

Scarborough Castle straddles a 300 ft high headland that splits the Yorkshire town of Scarborough in two. One bay houses the funfair, harbour and spa, the other a heritage railway and Peasholm park – once voted one of Europe’s favorite parks.

Built by Henry ll in the twelfth century, the castle stands on the site where the Roman invaders built a signal station.

King John of Robin Hood fame spent £200 on the castle. That was more he spent on any other castle. He had his own apartments built in the grounds.

King John 2nd wife – Isabella - was 20 years younger than him. He took his teenage bride to Scarborough Castle and spent his time closeted in her bedchamber.

Today, Scarborough Castle still belongs to the crown, but English heritage manage it.

Despite living in Bridlington - 19 miles along the coast from Scarborough, it's my all time favourite town. The castle has fascinated me forever. So much so, it features in a couple of my romances. In One Knight Stand, I called it Whitborough. In Claimed as Theirs it's a restored post apocolytic building peopled with evil vampires.

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As a breeder--one of the few fertile women left in a ruined, plague-ravaged world--Cassie would fetch a handsome price at auction, and selling her to the highest bidder was exactly what her captors had in mind... until two fearsome beasts decided to take her for themselves. Eli and Dane have chosen Cassie for their mate, and when she makes a foolish attempt at escape she quickly ends up tearfully promising obedience as her bare bottom is soundly and shamefully punished. Her body's response to their stern dominance cannot be denied, however, and it isn't long before she is screaming out her intense, helpless pleasure as she is roughly and thoroughly claimed. But will Eli and Dane's pack accept a human girl or will Cassie be an outsider forever? Publisher's Note: Taken as Theirs includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. About Kryssie Fortune


Kryssie Fortune writes the sort of hot sexy books she loves to read. Her paranormal heroes are muscular werewolves, arrogant Fae, seductive vampires or BDSM loving dragons. Kryssie likes her contemporary heroes ex-military and dominant. Her Byronic and brooding Regency men are troubled survivors of Waterloo. When it comes to women, she writes kick ass females who can hold their own against whatever life - or Kryssie - throws at them. Kryssie's pet hates are unhappy endings, and a series that end on a cliff hanger. Her books are all stand alone even when part of series. Plot always comes before sex, but when her heroines and heroes get together, the sex is explosive and explicit.

One review called it downright sensual.

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