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Five Fact Thursday - The Warlock Billionaire's Soulmate #MM #Magic #romance @brightside_jack


Between his magic and his billion dollar company, Redford doesn’t have time for dating.

Redford swore off dating mortals after he watched his last partner die three centuries ago. As the CEO of a billion-dollar company he doesn’t have time to meet people, so he casts an enchantment to summon his soulmate.

His soulmate turns out to be Conway, a broke Coloradan who works sixty-hour weeks as a bartender. He’s also the reincarnation of Redford’s lover from three hundred years ago.

They day after they meet, Redford receives a divination that Conway is fated to die at the end of the month. He sees a chance to do what he couldn’t three hundred years ago: to save the man he loves. In the meantime, he’s got to make his soulmate fall in love with him.

This is an MM paranormal romance with a HEA and a lot of laughs. 50k words. Expect kink, forced proximity, fated lovers, magic, classic billionaire tropes, and enough steam to peel the paint off your walls.


About Jack Brightside

Jack Brightside writes male/male romance for people who read too much fanfiction. In a previous life she worked at a textile museum, which shaped her love of period fashion and historical romance. She knows what a coat from the 1830s feels like, and she has restored victorian gowns with human hair. It turns out that everything they teach you in school is wrong, and the 1870s were the sexiest decade in fashion. Miss Brightside is always accepting fashion history hot takes. Jack Brightside’s writing career started with psychoanalyzing fictional characters on the internet, but now she spends more time writing her own characters. She likes writing millennial character tropes into historical and paranormal settings. Her stories are easy to read, steamy and always have a happy ending. Jack’s other hobbies include World War One reenactment and watercolor painting, but not at the same time.

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