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Five Fact Thursday Supernatural Stories from @katherinesmits #adventure #rmance

1. Athenia is a shapeshifter Nerei, one of a group who are human in appearance on land but who transform in water to folk similar to mermaids and mermen. The Nerei often live amongst humans but keep their existence and paranormal abilities secret. Since they must return to the ocean or Gulf of Mexico frequently to avoid death by dehydration, their dependence on water is their greatest vulnerability. Their ardent desire is to overcome this constraint, but they have not found a solution.

2. Dubbed Sea Witches by the Nerei, Athenia and her twin sister spent their early years working on a cure for the Nerei need for water. They developed spells and potions which provided medical benefits to both their kind and humans, although they never found the antidote for the water imperative. Athenia failed to save her sister from rape and torture when a deranged Nerei wizard captured her and used her for vile experiments, Athenia vowed to avenge her and prevent anyone else from experiencing such a fate. However, the only way she could get enough power was to drain a human mage. The disastrous results comprise the first book in the Sirens Series, The Sea Witch and the Mage, a 10,000-word novelette.

3. Siren Descending is a full-length, stand-alone novel which picks up soon after The Sea Witch and the Mage. However, some readers prefer to read The Sea Witch and the Mage first.

4. As a special gift, I’m offering The Sea Witch and the Mage for free to 5 Fact Thursday readers. Contact me at and I will send you a Bookfunnel code to download the book.

5. During April 2021, Siren Descending is on sale for 99 cents. You can get both books for less than a dollar. (Regular price for The Sea Witch and the Mage is 99 cents, and for Siren Descending, it is $2.99.)


The Sea Witch and the Mage Blurb:

When Athenia decides she must defeat the wizard who killed her twin sister, she finds there is only one way--enslave Thorne, a human mage with powers she can use to overcome her enemy. However, she doesn't count on finding him mesmerizing or needing him so much. What happens when a shapeshifting mermaid teams up with a man who controls the elements?

The Sea Witch and the Mage is a 10,000-word novelette for those who want a taste of Katherine Eddinger Smits' Nerei stories. It's a short read to introduce you to a contemporary romantic fantasy world of mermaids, mermen, and mages.

Don’t look back. How hard can that be? Siren Descending, a contemporary paranormal romance, reimagines the Greek myth of Orpheus. Athenia must avoid his tragic mistake, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Sea Witch Athenia betrayed Thorne by stealing his mage gifts and abandoning him to suffocate in an underwater cave. He escaped, and now she works hard to regain his trust. Attraction sizzles between them, but he remains aloof. When a powerful being sets his sights on Athenia and her magic, she must defend herself because telling Thorne would risk his life. She can’t do that to him again. Yet, every tactic Athenia employs makes things worse. Then, she learns the identity of the creature she is up against. When the devil abducts her lover to hell, Athenia risks everything to rescue the mage with her siren song. Can Athenia save Thorne, or will she fail and lose her soul as well as her soulmate?

Fans of Debbie Herbert and Sherrilyn Kenyon will love Siren Descending!


Katherine Eddinger Smits holds a master's degree in social work. For 20 years, she assisted veterans and their families until she retired to pursue her writing obsession. Now she brings clinical training and experience to her stories of mermaids, mages, and magical creatures. Within the context of fantasy and romance, her novels explore real-life issues of self-acceptance, body image, relationship dynamics, fears, and phobias. Mystery, suspense, and a little sex add spice to her books. Katherine and her husband divide their time between Florida and West Virginia. Their children and granddaughters live in Virginia. In addition to writing, Katherine blogs, rides dressage, clog dances, and adores her family.


Twitter: @katherinesmits

Books by Katherine Eddinger Smits:

Water Dreams, Love’s Siren Song Book I

Water Desires, Love’s Siren Song Book II

The Sea Witch and the Mage, Sirens Series Book 1

Siren Descending, Sirens Series Book 2

Witch Trial Legacy, The Cassadaga Collection Book 1 (Releases 2021)

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