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Five Fact Thursday: - Statues, Artists, and True love #regency #romance @ClyveRose

Five Facts:

1. My book The Christmas Salon is inspired by: Canova’s statue of Cupid & Psyche and the story of these two greatest of lovers.

2. Fun Fact: This statue is one of the lost treasures liberated form the Papal States by Napoleon’s army. It remains in The Louvre to this day.

3. Awarded an Irwin Award for Best Romantic Novella (it’s 50K so a long novella)

4. Genre: Regency Romance (set in 1814)

5. What’s The Christmas Salon about?

This Christmas Reunion Story is about. Major Musgrave attends the Congress of Vienna to aid England’s allies in recovering lost works of art - only to find a clue to a lost treasure of his own. Louisa is the only woman he’s ever loved and she’s not replied to his letters for an age. Her sudden silence has him concerned, more so as rumours of Bonaparte’s escape spread through Europe. There’s one question in particular he’d like answered.

Louisa Beresford was banished to the continent for her fall from grace. Nearly destitute, she fell back on her skill as a portraitist to provide for her and her child – and she's determined never to return to the family who abandoned her. Leaving England behind means losing old friends and bearing the brunt of scurrilous gossip declaring she’s become mistress to an artist. Well, the rumours are half-right…

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Meet Clyve Rose

Clyve Rose is an award-winning author of historical fiction in Australia and the US. She has been writing historical romance for the best part of two decades. The first piece she published was a fictional biography of an erotica writer who made a living crafting extremely explicit dating profiles for online chat sites.

Clyve lives fairly simply these days, sharing her home with a small white demon dog and a budding Amazonian warrior. She believes that love is the highest and strongest force known in the world, and that it only manifests when we are our best and truest selves. She’ll continue writing about love in all its various, glorious forms, and that one day her epitaph will read Just one more read-through.

When she isn’t writing fiction, she can be found pounding the sand at any of the beautiful beaches near her Australian home. She’s addicted to short-haul ocean swims and researching quirky historical fashion trends.

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