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Five Fact Thursday - Remember Me by Vida Li Silk @YA @Sweetromance

Facts about Emma, heroine in Remember Me, a YA Friends-to-Lovers, second-chance sweet romance:

1. Emma lives in the City of Gold, Johannesburg—at one stage it supplied 80% of the world's gold.

2. She's an only child—as one of 11 children, that was my secret desire on many occasions.

3. She loves vegetables—chocolate is a veggie, right?

4. Warm-hearted, she easily draws people to herself.

5. Emma longs to please her mother, except when it comes to Marc, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

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Emma Two years. That’s how long I waited for Marc to see me as more than just a friend. Impatient, I let the school’s star rugby player side-track me. I’m finally free from that disastrous relationship and have Marc’s full attention. One person stands in our way. My mother opposes our relationship. Now, I must make a choice. Marc I let Emma slip out of my hands once before. That won’t happen again. I’m from the wrong side of town, but we click on every level. She’s the one for me. The end of our final school year edges closer. Every minute we spend together is precious. But time is not on our side. One decision. Will their love survive?


“Are you angry?” A glutton for punishment, I had to know. He’d changed into jeans and a printed T-shirt, but his casual clothes belied the tension in his body. A muscle twitched in his neck as he grimaced. “Angry? Because with a few simple sentences, I lost the person I love. Why would I be angry?” He rose to his feet. My heart ached as I feasted on his lean muscular frame for the last time. Two nimble jumps over smaller rocks put him square in front of me, our bodies centimetres apart. I closed my eyes and breathed in his scent–fresh soap mixed with a warm male. I wouldn’t be this close to him for a long time. He cradled my face. Currents of awareness coursed through my body at his touch. A sudden gust of wind blew my hair across my face. With gentle hands, his fingers lingered as he combed the strands and tucked them behind my ears. His thumbs caressed my cheeks—light as a feather. Intense desire shot through me, I wanted to latch on and never let him go. As if he sensed my intention, he stepped back and widened the gap between us. My hand reached out to him, then fell back, immobile at my side. “Marc, I–” He interrupted. “Maybe you’re right. She’ll always stand between us.” Bolts of lightning flashed in the distance but I only had eyes for him. The intensity in his jade eyes hypnotised me. He spoke a little louder. “You should go. Now.”

Author Bio:

Vida Li Sik is a wife, mother, award-winning journalist and multi-genre author. She grew up in a small town, Nigel, in sunny South Africa, and now lives with her family in Johannesburg, the City of Gold where they are part of an active Youth and Family ministry. She has no pets and has yet to find a weird and wonderful hobby. In the meantime, she loves to write about people, real ones and imagined.

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