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Five Fact Thursday - Meet Anne Hamilton Fowler

Get ready to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions!

Five Facts about Anne Hamilton Fowler

Canadian Anne Fowler, born an only child, grew up challenging all the rules!

Her somewhat turbulent life included two marriages; first to a minister and second to a doctor, one that produced two children.

In 2001 she left behind her successful business, an over thirty year career in HR, to pursue her “new passion” in a country BBC once referred to as the murder capital of the world!

In a small north coast Honduras village, she develops community initiatives including health and education programs.

In 2021, at the age of 80, she wrote her unabridged memoir which includes the reason she ended up in Honduras.


Laughter, sadness, empathy, outrage. Canadian Anne Hamilton Fowler appeared to have it all. However, life is not always as idyllic as it seems and at age twenty a series of events almost destroyed her. Emerging from the wreckage she reinvented herself, started over, and proceeded to live on the edge with a risk-taking lifestyle. Then in 1993, an event experienced during a trip to Central America changed everything.

I’ve Worn Many Hats” is an inspirational read that demonstrates our human frailties, one’s ability to survive personal adversity, and how we can learn to forgive both ourselves and others. It is a story of redemption.

Anne Fowler is a retired Canadian who divides the year between her Haliburton summer cottage and Central America. This memoir is her first book and all proceeds will go to support Anne’s ongoing humanitarian work in Honduras.

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About Anne Hamilton Fowler

Anne Fowler, only child of Audrey and Stewart Hamilton, was raised in Toronto where she attended Leaside High School and Toronto Western Hospital School of Nursing. In 1962 American Airlines beckoned her to Dallas, Texas and life in the sky as a flight attendant. Twice divorced, Anne first married a young minister from Louisiana and then long-time best friend Dr. Bob Fowler of Toronto. They raised a daughter and son who later produced a grandson and granddaughter. In 2001, Anne retired, closed her company, Hamilton Enterprises, and left behind a thirty year career in Human Resources.

She relocated to El Progreso, Honduras to volunteer at a clinic where care is provided for patients who lack the funds to be treated elsewhere. During this time, Anne developed the Visiting Doctor program for international ophthalmologists, started the Healthy Living Education project in local elementary schools, and helped with a variety of clinic and community activities. In 2006, after purchasing property in the small north coast village of El Porvenir, she built Hamilton Benest House, a home providing accommodation for visiting dentists, doctors, teachers, and other volunteers. Her major program in 2021 is Phase Two of the

Healthy Living Program. This annual dental program, conducted by two Canadian dental teams, provides dental care for over 1,000 elementary school students in the area. Anne’s programs continue to thrive and she has continued to develop community initiatives designed to improve the lives of Hondurans. Anne divides her year between El Porvenir and her Haliburton cottage north of Toronto.



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