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Five Fact Thursday - M &Ms, Vodka, but No Doughnuts. Taking a Risk, by @lyncee Shillard

Hey Hey Everyone! I’m so excited to share Five Facts from my book Taking A Risk (a steamy romance adventure)…

(1) All the animals mentioned are real and on the watch list for becoming endangered.

(2) There are always more brown peanut M&M’s in share size bags than any other

(3) I’ve always wanted to go to the Amazon but I hate bugs.

(4) This is the only book I’ve written where the characters don’t have favorite doughnuts

(5) The idea for this book came from a dare made by one of my best friends.

Blurb –

If Leigh Ronaldson is one thing, it's predictable. What's wrong with having a routine? Apparently, it makes her boring or so her ex-boyfriend claimed as he dumped her. And her best friend agrees. She decides to prove them wrong and books an extreme adventure in Ecuador. The hiking, kayaking, and camping she signed up for. She didn't plan on the hot guide who by just looking at her made her squirm with desire and definitely not the drug cartel who wants them dead. Nick Greco golden rule is never to touch a client. NEVER. But rules can't be broken. Regardless of how hard he is. Once the local drug cartel starts hunting them, he knows it will take all his skill to get out of the Amazon jungle alive. And if your life is hanging in the balance even golden rules can be broken...

Sneak Peak –

Where are they?” Ben asked. “What if they heard us and are on their way back?”

“Back to where?” Paul snarled. “We’re in the middle of the fucking Amazon. It’s not like it’s a three-block stroll to the nearest police station.” He turned and pointed down the trail. “We sunk their kayaks.”

Shit,” Nick silently cursed. They should have been more serious in handling the guys. The fact they had made it through customs without the drugs being detected should have made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. But he’d been too focused on Leigh.

Of course, Hector had arranged the entire thing as a way to entrap them into letting him use their business.

“They have gone nowhere. Their packs are still in the tent.” Hector kicked the food storage container over. “Nick, I know you can hear me.” The man grounded his heel into a package of noodles.

What had happened to Ty? How had the men escaped?

Where to buy Taking A Risk


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About Lyncee:

If you would like to come and hang out with me…we will talk doughnuts, vodka, and planners…





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