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Five Fact Thursday for Daryl Devoré’s hot duology #Romance #medieval #contemporary #pairing

This duology is made up of two (obviously) hot romances: hot twisted fairy tale- Dark Chocolate and Strawberries and smoking hot – medieval romance – Branwyn’s Love.

First Fact

Dark Chocolate and Strawberries – I wrote it in under three weeks. Since it is based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, I basically, had the plot already laid out for me.

Second Fact

I was looking at some photos of our trip to the Cayman Islands when it clicked that Red Riding Hood’s trip to Grandmother’s house would not be through a forest but on a Caribbean cruise.

Third Fact

Branwyn’s Love is the darkest and kinkiest of the all the books I have written and it was the catalyst for me changing from an erotic romance writer to a hot romance writer with a side gig of a sweet romance writer.

Fourth Fact

This book has one of my all time favorite scenes in it. It is near the end. Malacke is exhausted. His spirit is broken. But the power of the man shines through.

Fifth Fact

These two books were combined in this duology because they are opposites. Dark Chocolate and Strawberries is a fun romp on a cruise ship. Bramwyn’s Love is dark – still passionate and a wonderful romance – but the struggles Branwyn goes through proves what a strong woman she is,

Blurb and Buy Links

Caution - One smouldering twisted fairy tale mixed with one hot medieval romance might burn more than your fingers.

Daryl Devoré has bundled two of her hot romances into a duology. A hot twisted fairy and a hotter medieval romance combined in Capturing His Heart.

Dark Chocolate and Strawberries takes you on a hot romp on a Caribbean cruise. Esmerelda 'Red' Hood discovers her sweet granny is on a romantic cruise with a gigolo. Horrified, Red races off to save her grandma before it's too late.

On board, she meets Andrew Woodsman and Willem Olf. One a cutie with the biggest puppy eyes and the other - dark and sophisticated. Even with her grandmother's words ringing in Red's ears - Never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing - Red has trouble choosing which man is the big bad wolf and which is her happily ever after.

Branwyn's Love

This book transports you back to medieval times. It's the tale of a young woman sold as a courtesan in training. Branwyn arrives in a new land to begin daily lessons in the bewildering art of bedding a man.

The noblewoman chosen to be Prince Malacke’s bride rejects him by bedding his hated rival. Malacke turns his anger towards increasing the power and wealth of Black Dorn castle. And he succeeds, until his attention is captured by the face of the woman who will be his queen.

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About Daryl Devore

Daryl (@daryldevore) lives in an old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada, with her husband and 2 cats. Daryl loves to take long walks on her quiet country road or snowshoe across the back acres, and in the summer, kayak along the St. Lawrence River. She has touched a moon rock, a mammoth, and a meteorite. She's been deep in the ocean in a submarine, flown high over Niagara Falls in a helicopter, and used the ladies room in a royal palace. Life's an adventure and Daryl's having fun living it.

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