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"I Didn't Agree to That" #Sat Spanks

Spanking Snippet

Her tutor’s gruff voice sent shivers down her spine. “Ten slaps on your bare bottom it is.”

Her hands shook, and she chewed on her lower lip. “Bare bottom? No, I didn’t agree to anything like that.”

He released her hand and moved down the bed, leaving her stranded and nervous. “Your choice. Either bare your behind and submit to a spanking or your lessons end now.”

Panic turned her voice shrill. “I need to learn more, but wearing this blindfold makes me feel vulnerable. You won’t really hurt me, will you?”

She could hear the smile in his voice when he answered. “I’ll go easy on you since it’s your first time, but it will be a bare bottom spanking.”

Blindfolded, in a hired room with a stranger, Alethea felt trapped and vulnerable. A bare bottom spanking sounded scandalous and painful. “That’s the sort of thing my husband might get up to with his mistress. Do we really have to?”

He didn’t touch her, and when he spoke, he’d edged away from her. The lack of contact made her nervous tension spike. She froze like a lost kitten confronted by a snarling Rottweiler.

His voice whipped through her like an ice storm. “Your choice, my dear. Either I spank you to end our session, or we end our liaison now.”

Fear pressed down on her chest, turning her breathing shallow and her voice squeaky. “Do it. Spank me and get it over with.”

He moved closer. “Remember, chick, you’re safe with me, but you shouldn’t meet strange men in places like this. You could put yourself in danger.”

Blushing, she shook her head. Before she could object, he kissed her long and hard. She melted against him, hungry for more. When he dragged his lips away from hers, she moaned. Gathering her in his arms, he carried her across the room toward the high-backed chair she’d seen earlier.

When he let her body rub against him, she felt his engorged cock against her torso. If only Deanswood was here with her, she’d have no qualms about venturing so far from her comfort zone. Scared and unseeing, her heart raced as she prepared to bare her bottom to an unseen stranger.

The idea horrified her, but a small part of her didn’t want to be ladylike and reserved anymore. She craved the physical sensations her tutor showed her, but… She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t swallow for the fear that swamped her.

He rubbed his hand over her behind, stroking it through her gown. “I’m glad your trousseau didn’t include pantaloons.”

They’d been there, her mother had seen to that. The village seamstress had starched them so stiffly they’d felt like a chastity belt. Alethea had found some fashion plates in her husband’s library. From them, she’d learned that ladies didn’t always wear anything beneath their floor-length gowns. Emboldened, she’d gladly consigned the dreadful things to the fire.

Her tutor chuckled as he stroked her bare behind. “Put your hands on the floor and push your bottom up. That’s it.”

Breathing hard, she lay over her tutor’s knee. It felt undignified and humiliating. Head down, bottom raised, tits exposed, she already regretted agreeing to this. When he bunched her gown around her waist, she tensed. A sensible woman would have pulled it back over her shoulders before bending over his knee. Heck, a sensible woman wouldn’t have agreed to this at all.


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Going about her mundane life in a small fishing village, Alethea never dreamed she would end up with a man like the Earl of Deanswood, yet when she caught the handsome gentleman's eye he wasted no time in making her his wife. Unbeknownst to Alethea, however, her conniving mother has convinced Deanswood that she has no interest in the marital bed. Devastated by his seeming disinterest, Alethea searches for someone to instruct her in the ways of enticing a man. When a friend informs Deanswood of Alethea's plans, he decides to train his new bride himself. Soon enough, Alethea finds herself naked, blindfolded, and helplessly bound as she is thoroughly spanked and then brought to one blushing, quivering climax after another. But when Alethea's life is threatened by her mother's vicious scheming, can Deanswood protect his innocent bride? Publisher's Note: His Innocent Bride is a stand-alone novel which shares the Regency-era setting of Wickedly Used. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


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