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Christmas and Toys Go Together #steampunk #discipline #victorian #althistory #new @LisabetSarai

If you like intelligent, lusty women and kinky steam punk sex toys, pick up a copy of The Journeyman’s Trial.

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If she builds it, will they come?

Technically brilliant and thoroughly wanton, Gillian Smith has found her vocation: designing innovative erotic devices for the Toymakers Guild. Lust is a lubricant to creativity at Randerley Hall. But what happens when two Toymakers fall in love?

The Guild’s tribe of talented, uninhibited engineers has embraced Gillian as one of their own. Edward Thorne, the perverse genius who founded the Guild, undertakes to train her in the skills she’ll need as a journeyman, from practical mind-reading to transcendental orgasms.

As Gillian labours to impress the charismatic Master, her enigmatic fellow journeyman Rafe both entices and frustrates her. Their passion seems to go beyond mere appetite, but in Randerley’s promiscuous and permissive environment, does love make any sense?

When the Toymakers receive a commission to equip London’s most exclusive brothel with the latest sexual technology, Gillian has the chance to demonstrate her formidable abilities as well as to help Rafe exorcise the demons of his past. She doesn’t realize she’ll be forced to choose between Rafe and her future in the Guild.

Series Blurb

Defying the repressive morality of the Victorian era, the Toymakers Guild uses advanced technology to fabricate bespoke sexual artifacts for the discrete pleasure of select clients. Its members are not only brilliant engineers but also sexual renegades seeking freedom from the prudish society that surrounds them. These are their stories.

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Rave Reviews for The Toymakers Guild Book 1

There are many more plot points, but I don't want to spoil your enjoyment of this book. It has varied and steamy sex scenes that will take your breath away, a plucky heroine who doesn't always come out on top (ahem), but who always prevails in her quest to be accepted as a Toymaker.

~ Fiona McGier, Goodreads

With thoughtfully written characters, hot sex scenes, and a well-paced and interesting plot, the Toymaker's Apprentice leaves you asking only one question....when is the next book in the series coming out? ~ The Phantom Tollbooth, Amazon

[A] fast paced, hilarious, and thoroughly entertaining story as Gillian gets intimate with the staff and technology, only to find that there is a plot against the Guild that she takes on to save the day. I can’t wait to read what happens in the next book! ~ Arthur Royo, Amazon

Lisabet Sarai became addicte dto words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her firs tpoem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred paged issertation, and lots of erotica and eroticromance – over one hundredtitles,and counting,in nearly everysub-genre—paranormal, scifi, ménage, BDSM, GLBT,and more.Regardlessof the genre,everyone of her stories illustrates her motto: Imaginationis the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You’ll find information and excerpts from all Lisabet’s books on her website (,

along with morethan fifty free stories and lots more. At her blog Beyond Romance

(, she shares her philosophy and her news and hosts lots of other great authors. She’salso on

Join her VIP email list here:

Introductory Essay

Victorian Nerds

Greetings. My name is Lisabet, and I’m an engineer.

In the so-called real world, I design and write computer software. I also manage development projects and mentor other engineers. I’m surrounded by smart people who enjoy the puzzles of technology and who like to make things work. It’s a challenging but exciting environment, an environment in which solving a tough problem can be as satisfying as... well, maybe even as satisfying as an orgasm. In a different way of course.

In The Journeyman’s Trial I’ve indulged myself by bringing some of that excitement into the story. The Toymakers Guild is basically a group of young Victorian nerds. Archie’s a genius with electricity. Rafe’s a chemist as well as a creative mechanical engineer. Jia excels at clockwork artifacts and optics. My heroine Gillian has skills in all these areas, but what fascinates her most is mathematics and computation. In a world where computers don’t really exist yet, she’s trying to create them and figure out how to make them work.

Then there’s the Master Toymaker, a genius who not only knows how to design and build physical devices, but who also has a deep understanding of human thought and emotions.

The novel includes pseudo-technical descriptions of the outrageous sexual artifacts the Guild produces. I suppose that some people might get impatient with my flights of engineering fancy, but for me, that has been part of the fun in writing this series. I love imagining how innovations that are commonplace today might have been realized in the Victorian era, given the technical limitations of the period.

Is the book realistic? Well, yes and no. I’ve taken a lot of technical liberties, but in fact the second half of the nineteenth century was a time of great progress and innovation.

And what about the sexual insatiability of my characters?

I’ve known, and loved, a lot of nerds in my life. Contrary to the stereotypes, really intelligent people are often very active sexually. They have a richer, more elaborated understanding of desire and the many ways it can be fulfilled. None of the characters in The Journeyman’s Trial is based on a real person, but I’ve been involved with quite a few brilliant individuals who had similar attitudes – open-minded, experimental and focused on giving and receiving pleasure.

Just like Gillian and her uninhibited colleagues.

X-Rated M/F Excerpt

His lips locked to hers, their breath mingling, he explored her body with eager hands. Though they were both fully clothed, each caress burned like a brand, imprinted on her flesh. Her breasts, her belly, her arse, every inch of her was on fire. When he circled a taut nipple through her bodice, she spiralled down into a maelstrom of need. When he cupped her buttocks and pulled her pelvis against the rigid bulk of his prick, she thought she might spend from the mere thought of having him inside her.

Prying off her shoes, she snuggled closer. She ran her hands over his back, sensing the wiry strength in his slender frame. His tongue played along the seam of her closed mouth and she opened gladly, meeting his incursion halfway, revelling in the simple honesty of that kiss: nothing hidden, nothing held back, two souls acknowledging and indulging their mutual desire.

Still kissing her, he rolled her onto her back. She relaxed under his welcome weight, the urgency of her arousal tempered by the more immediate pleasures of his palms upon her breasts, his mouth feeding from hers, and the luscious hardness of his cock nestling between her thighs.

“Shall I undress you?” he murmured in her ear, his lips finally sliding from hers away to nuzzle at her neck.

“Oh, yes, please!” she moaned. “Or let me—”

“No, I’d like to do it, if you’ll allow it. And if you can be patient...” The barest hint of his familiar mockery crept into his voice. Gillian resolved to ignore it.

“Of course. Whatever you want, Rafe.”

His eyebrows arched in surprise at her compliance, but he wasted no time acting upon her permission. With nimble fingers, he unbuttoned her sleeveless bodice, pushing the garment off her shoulders. Then he addressed the blouse beneath, untucking it at the waist. She sat half way up and raised her arms over her head so he could remove it. Next came her skirts and petticoats, which he untied and drew down over her hips. He moved with surprising ease for someone who’d recently been thrown from his horse and left unconscious on the ground. Gillian pushed away her worry. Rafe was tough. He might regret this tomorrow, but having gone this far, she knew neither of them would be willing to stop.

The process of removing her clothing took at least ten minutes. Gillian enjoyed every second. As he proceeded, Rafe was generous with his caresses. He used every opportunity to brush his fingertips across her newly bared skin. All the while, she basked in his lustful – nay, almost worshipful – gaze.

Finally she lay exposed upon the rough bed, totally naked. In the rustic cottage, heated by only the fire place, she ought to have felt cold, but Rafe’s attentions had raised her temperature to a fever pitch.

At the foot of the bed, between her feet, he settled back on his heels and devoured her with his eyes. “God, you’re beautiful, Jill. You’ve no idea how often I’ve dreamed about this: having you in my bed, waiting for me to take you...”

“Please don’t make me wait too much longer, Rafe.” She cradled her breasts, which felt fuller than usual, and lightly grazed her thumbs over the aching tips. “I don’t know how much more I can bear.”

She half expected him to tease her, as usual. Instead, he shed his own clothes with impressive speed. Her pulse climbed as he revealed his scimitar-scarred chest and narrow hips. His cock was a thing of beauty, rising in a graceful curve from the black tangle between his thighs. Pre-cum coated the taut bulb, glistening in the candle light.

One pause, a half dozen breaths, then with a half-strangled cry he stretched his body out over hers. He mashed his lips against hers in a feverish kiss.

Meanwhile, his rigid prick ground against her pubis, blindly seeking her cleft.

“Wait a moment,” she murmured in his ear. “Wait...” Reaching between her legs, she captured his rock-hard erection and steered it toward her opening.

“There – that’s right – oh, Rafe!”

He slid into her with one sure stroke, settling his cock deep in her welcoming cunny. Pleasure spiked, a dizzying rush of delight that threatened to send her flying into climax already. She filled her lungs with Rafe’s scent and tightened her cunt around his shaft, letting the crisis subside. She didn’t want to rush this encounter.

Her partner drew his cock partway out of her channel, then pushed back inside, deeper than before. Never in her life had she felt anything so exquisite. It wasn’t the way he stretched her, though the pressure of his bulk against her inner walls set every nerve sparking. It wasn’t the sweet slide of his hard flesh across her clit as he stroked in and out, though every thrust intensified those sensations. She’d had bigger cocks, fatter cocks and longer cocks, but she was ready to swear that none of them had generated such acute and varied pleasure. None had felt so – right.

Rafe was a perfect fit. Was it the shape of his prick? The angle? The little twist of his hips as he buried his steely member in her welcoming flesh. Gillian gave up trying to analyse the source of this bliss, determined to simply enjoy it.

Without losing his rhythm, he raised himself on his arms so he could stare into her eyes. “Look at me, Jill,” he murmured, cleaving her open with each glorious stroke. “I want to watch your face when you spend.”

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