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Am I Going To Die? #MFRWHooks #gothic #vampire #romance #HEA

Updated: Mar 17, 2021


When she is captured and thrown into a cage filled with ravenous vampires, Gwen assumes she will be devoured. But among the horde is a huge, terrifyingly powerful berserker who has other plans for her. She will belong not only to him, but to all of the vampires of his triad, and her beautiful body will be theirs to use and enjoy as thoroughly and shamefully as they please.

Gwen soon learns that her new masters will demand obedience from their little human, and it isn’t long before her defiance has earned her a painful, humiliating spanking. But even with tears still running down her blushing cheeks, her helpless arousal cannot be denied, and as she is claimed and ravaged again and again her pleas for mercy are soon lost amid her cries of pleasure.

Publisher’s Note: Claimed as Theirs is a stand-alone novel set in the same world as Taken as Theirs. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Three vampires claim the very human Gwen. When one of them falls ill, she's the first to recognise the symptoms.


For now, she’d let them pamper and cosset her. Once back at full strength, it would be a different matter.

Plato frowned, silently telling him it wasn’t enough. With a small nod, Bronte slid his hand over her knee and rubbed her inner thighs. “Once I’ve claimed the throne, I’ll have the entire vampire nation search for her. Even if she’s made it into demon territory, we’ll find a way to bring her back to you. I swear it on the royal birthright.”

Her body responded to them in visceral ways but giving them her trust wasn’t easy. Placing her little sister in their care? Impossible.

Before she voiced her feelings, Bronte kissed her palm. “May I hold you while my very naked brother puts some damned clothes on?”

With a panty-melting smile, Plato released her and scratched at his chest. “My wound itches like the devil.”

When he looked down, huge red boils covered his torso, identical to those that had decimated humanity and killed King Stefan.

Gwen’s jaw dropped. “Plato, those are plague pustules. The snake venom must have lowered your resistance. That or the disease mutated and jumped species.”

Eyes wide, Bronte repeated her words. “Plato’s contracted the plague that wiped out humans? But vampires don’t get ill.”

Shooting upright, Gwen shoved him toward the door. He shook his head and planted his feet. “No way. I don’t abandon my family.”

She pushed at him again. “You and Gore have to quarantine, but not here. My father’s one of the rare human males who survived the disease, but me, my mum, and my sisters come with built-in immunity. I’ll stay with Plato, but your people need to see you’re not sick.”

Sat in the bed, Plato sounded sorrowful but teasing. “You get to support the big guy, while I enjoy a few days alone time with our bride. That’s one in the win column for me.”

Huffing out a breath, Bronte stepped into the corridor. “This is why I preferred being the playboy younger son to the future king. I’ll go, but you’d better recover PDQ.”

Gwen’s heart beat so loud it echoed through her brain. “At least those pustules haven’t spread. That has to be a good sign—doesn’t it?”

Although his blue eyes clouded with fear, he tried to sound brave. “Am I going to die?”

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