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5 Facts About Kenna from the Lighthouse in the All Their Midnights Anthology #vampire #anthology

Five Fabulour Facts to pull you in.

1. Kenna, the heroine in the Lighthouse, is torn between her husband and her brother.

2. Despite living near the ocean, she is a terrible swimmer.

3. She made her husband, Drew, a vampire.

4. Kenna is a twin.

5. She shares the same vampiric creator as her brother.


All Their Midnights is a collection of vampire poetry and short stories with a romantic twist.

The Lighthouse – Imprisoned in a dungeon and forced to do battle for a cruel lord, Drew lost his sanity long ago. Kenna’s passion for Drew never faltered, even when it drove her from the only other person she’d ever loved, her twin brother, Collin. Kenna and Drew escaped the horror of their past to live a quiet life as lighthouse keepers. Their hard-won happiness is threatened when Collin arrives, stirring past memories that hurl him and Drew toward possible destruction.

Blood and Whiskey – Despite his thirst for blood, Danel has never wanted to cause permanent harm to his prey. He’s spent his life learning to control his violent nature. Then he meets Yori. She rouses his bloodlust, but will he curb her wild ways, or will she lure him into a life of savagery?

Don’t Drink the Blood – Rene is a young vampire scraping by while fighting for her life

in a world that has shown her little mercy. While on the hunt, she’s attacked, but a strange, beautiful man rescues her. Oliver suffers from a disease that affects vampires. Only Rene’s blood can save him from a slow, painful death. They make a deal—her blood in exchange for his tutoring. Can he transform an uneducated, struggling cynic into a sophisticated vampire warrior? Even more, can he win her hardened heart?

Exerpt from The Lighthouse

They searched the water. Collin surfaced momentarily, his limbs flailing in desperation before he disappeared beneath the violent waves.

“No!” Kenna tore off her cloak. “He’s always been a terrible swimmer.”

“So are you!” Drew grasped her arms hard before she could dive in.

“He’ll die!” She snarled, sinking her claws into Drew’s hands. “Let me go!”


“If he dies, Drew, I’ll never forgive you! Never!”

Drew clenched his teeth. “If you feel that way, I’ll get him!”

“Then do it!”

Drew dived back into the sea.

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Author Bio:

Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who started writing many years ago for pleasure.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, watching horror and action movies, working out, and spending time with her family and pets.

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