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5 Fact Thursdsay - Scarred Melody #rockstarromance #KU @AuthorHea

5 Facts 1. The heroine in Scarred Melody has autism and is a musical prodigy. She is high functioning in that she can live a normal life. However, the difficulty she experiences is in experiencing and expressing her emotions. To process her feelings, Elsie needs music. As she plays, she feels the emotions in the song and comes out the other side whole. Did you know some academics describe autism as the next stage of human evolution?

2. Many burn victims choose to cover their scarred or grafted skin with tattoos. Burn victims with facial scars can actually tattoo their skin color over the burn, creating a more natural look. They also cover up surgical scars. Many women who’ve undergone full mastectomies get full chest plates, often provided by tattoo artists at no charge. Though the tattoos are beautiful, and help scarred survivors overcome insecurities, tattooing over damaged skin can be very painful.

3. The concept of Scarred Melody was inspired by the song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Or more accurately, what I felt listening to the Pentatonix version of the song. The Christmas after my mother died, I was very sad and not managing the loss well. I was listening to holiday music on the radio when it came on. I had to stop and listen to the lyrics and the melody; to me, it encompassed all the grief, love, and complicated emotions I was experiencing. Music was never something I turned to for processing my feelings, but the experience made me wonder what it would be like if I were limited to that. What would someone’s life be like if that were the case? What kind of job would they have? What would relationships be like? Thus…Elsie was born. 

4. When I first developed the idea for Scarred Melody, I was working in a call center. Customers would call in for services and I’d take their name and address. I talked to so many people with interesting names. Then one day, I had a customer named Skyler, who had the sexiest voice! My next customer was the sweetest old woman named Elsie. I’d found my characters’ names!

5. When I started writing I was interested in Sci-Fi Romance, but then I discovered books about rock stars. I started listening to my favorite songs on the way to work, imagining I was in the studio writing these songs, fantasizing I was on stage singing to the crowd, feeling the emotional push and pull of an artist. The fantasies were so emotional I wanted badly to share them; my mind turned to characters who lived this life and what their relationships were like.

Can a brutally scarred songwriter help a washed-up rock star feel the music again?

Scarred Melody

Bold Melodies Book One



All I knew was music. Writing it, playing it. The sway of the melody traveled through me. It kept me company as I hid my face under a mask.

My dream of singing in front of the crowds was long forgotten. Now I hide in the shadows, only emerging to help fellow artists launch their careers.

Enter Skyler Dalton, my teenage heartthrob.


My best friend died. My last album bombed. I punched out a paparazzi.

Life hasn’t been going my way.

The label offered an ultimatum, work with a professional songwriter to salvage my solo career or hit the road.

Luckily, Elsie was easy to work with. I wasn’t looking for love, but what I found was a lot more than just a new song...

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Heather E. Andrews has been reading romance since the age of twelve. She lives as a disgruntled pug-mother in Albany, NY. She is the baby of nine children and slaves away taking care of her two entitled pugs and four spoiled guinea pigs. Her only escapes in life are reading, writing, and Star Trek reruns.

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