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5 Fact Thursday - Romancing the App by Gretchen Lovett #Romance #Billionaire #5FT @gretchen19761

1. The heartthrob in this book is named after an ex-boyfriend of mine.

2. The woman is the billionaire CEO, not the other way around.

3. This is the second in a series, but definitely my favorite.

4. I studied business in graduate school, and some of that leaked into the novel.

5. There are two steamy scenes, so read it at your own risk!


When Wanda Blake, billionaire CEO of dating platform Romancing: the App, meets industry underdog Steve Snow of Kiss Me fame at her famous brother Shane's country music concert, sparks do more than fly. Things heat up even more as the new lovers try to keep the affair hush-hush while inventing new ways to get it on. But suddenly Steve is acting cagey and Wanda doesn’t want to risk giving away any trade secrets. Doubting his intentions, she one-ups him, making a terrible mistake.

There’s another problem: Wanda is starting to fall completely out-of-her-mind in love with Steve. Is it business first or should she risk losing all that she’s worked so hard for by giving away her “secret sauce” to the amazingly desirable Steve Snow?

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Chapter 1

“We’re live with Wanda Blake, CEO of Romancing: The App.”

Wanda shifted in her seat, smoothing her skirt across her knees. “Hello, Tonya.”

“It’s been five years since you took your company public and you’re still on top of the dating market.” The talk show host leaned in. “What’s your secret?”

“Love,” Wanda said simply.


“Yes.” She went right into her elevator pitch, explaining her business model for the thousandth time. “Other apps will sell you hook-ups or dates; some can even say that they will find you a life partner, but our app is the only one out there that specializes in love.”

“I think some of your competitors would disagree,” the TV personality argued.

“They would like to think they offer love.” Wanda smiled her practiced smile. “But they would be wrong. According to internal surveys, our customers said they were most likely to find physical attraction, proximity, and shared ideals on Romancing: The App. Studies have been done on the mechanics of love and what really goes into the chemistry between two people. Some of the most important factors are…” She trailed off, letting the viewing audience jump in with the answer.

“Physical attraction, proximity, and shared ideals,” the TV host finished for her.

“That’s right.” Wanda punctuated the statement with three cheerful checkmarks in the air. “Everything that science says is important to a loving relationship, Romancing: The App offers. We are leading in the field because we understand what people are looking for in a partner.”

“What about you?” Tonya asked. “What are you looking for in a date?”

“Of course, I’m on the app.” Wanda winked at the camera. “So, you can take a look at my profile for an introductory subscription rate of $14.99 per month.”

“There you have it, folks, romance guaranteed at $14.99.” The host smiled brightly, absorbing all the attention as Wanda waved her arms in frustration.

“You can’t say it’s guaranteed,” the CEO complained.

“And we’re clear!” the producer called.

“You can’t say it’s guaranteed,” Wanda repeated, off the air.

“Why not?” Tonya picked at her microphone, resetting it higher on her chest.

“Because I’ll get sued,” Wanda grumbled, exasperated.

“Oh.” Tonya slumped her shoulders, deflated. “Can we redo that last scene?”

“We’re live,” the producer said.

“Can you issue a correction?”

“Sure thing,” the producer replied, holding out a hand to help her off the stage. “Thank you so much for stopping by.”

“Thank you!” Tonya waved.

Wanda opened her arms, ignoring both of their dismissals. “What guarantee do I have?”

“We’ll issue a statement,” the producer assured her. “It’ll go at the end of the broadcast. You can check in with the control room.”

Wanda took his hand in disgust, climbing out of her seat and off the stage. She was met by Andy, her personal assistant, and Darla, her public relations specialist. “Was that okay?” she asked.

“You did great, boss,” Andy said.

“Thank you.” Wanda turned on the charm.

Author Bio

Gretchen Lovett is a romance writer, ghost writer, freelance writer and lover of all things literary. She has a bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and worked as a secretary for a large nonprofit organization up until COVID. After the lockdowns, she stayed home and began to take on writing jobs. Through Magnolia Blossom Publishing, she released seven romance novels. After signing NDAs, she has worked on 21 romance novels for various clients and six nonfiction titles on subjects ranging from parenting to healthcare. She has two brilliant, handsome young men in her life who are getting ready to leave the nest. They are not allowed to read her books, nor are they interested.

Author Links

Instagram @abookabout2020author

Twitter @gretchen19761

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