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5 Fact Thursday- Opposites Ignite by Sadira Stone #BangersTavern

5 facts about Opposites Ignite: Bangers Tavern Romance 2

1. Bangers Tavern itself is fictional, but the 6th Avenue neighborhood where the series takes place is very real, and just a few miles from my home in Tacoma, Washington. I love this funky twelve-block stretch of eclectic shops, bars, restaurants, and cannabis dispensaries. The series presents local events, like the Santa Parade in Christmas Rekindled, and I enjoyed sending Rosie and Eddie on dates to some of my favorite places in T-Town.

2. I’ve wanted to get a quill pen tattoo for some time now, having seen some gorgeous examples at writers’ conferences. Of course, the pandemic made doing so unsafe, so I had to research tattoo studios, equipment, and procedures virtually for this story. God bless all the tattoo artists who post videos on YouTube! I especially enjoyed Electric Linda, a tattoo artist and studio owner in Norway.

3. Eddie’s family is Russian-American, and I learned so much about Russian cooking and holiday customs for this story. Yes, chocolate salami really is a thing!

4. The story contains a brief reference to period sex—AKA during a visit from Aunt Flo. Don’t worry, you don’t see any blood on the page. I asked the Heaving Bosoms Facebook group (a huge gathering of romance fans) whether that topic would spoil their enjoyment of the story. While a few said “Ick,” most said they’d like to see that topic normalized in romance fiction.

5. I really enjoyed writing the love story of a mixed-size couple, having known many such couples in real life. Rosie is curvy and confident, while Eddie is short, slim, and self-conscious about his size. He’s also gorgeous, tender-hearted, the perfect cinnamon-roll hero. It’s a shame how few romance heroes we see who aren’t tall and buff, considering that handsome, loveable guys come in all sizes. Body positivity for all!

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A mismatch sparks the hottest flames.

Blue-haired, buxom, and bodacious, server Rosie needs her job at Bangers Tavern, where her work family adores her weirdness and supports her hunt for a tattoo apprenticeship. When too much New Year’s bubbly tumbles her into a sweet, shy coworker’s bed, she craves more. But guys like Eddie never stick with girls like her.

Strait-laced, soft-spoken, and skinny, barback Eddie has a huge crush on his curvy, tattooed coworker. Their New Year’s surprise is a dream come true—until grandma walks in on them. Eddie begs Rosie to fake-date him to appease his old-fashioned family. He’s already keeping secrets, so what’s the harm in one more? But the longer he pretends with Rosie, the deeper he falls.

Their boss lays down the law: No relationship drama at work, or you’re fired. Rosie’s everything Eddie ever wanted—but to keep her, he’ll have to drop a terrifying truth bomb on his loving but stifling family. And Rosie must trust her bruised heart with the guy who nearly crushed it.

Come back to Bangers Tavern for a steamy, laugh-out-loud, opposites-attract romance that ignites in all the worst ways—and the best!

Author Bio:

Ever since her first kiss, Sadira’s been spinning steamy tales in her head. After leaving her teaching career in Germany, she finally tried her hand at writing one. Now she’s a happy citizen of Romancelandia, penning contemporary romance from her new home in Washington State, U.S.A. When not writing, which is seldom, she explores the Pacific Northwest with her charming husband, enjoys the local music scene, plays darts (pretty well), plays guitar (badly), and gobbles all the books. Visit Sadira at

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