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5 Fact Thursday - Five Things you'll love about Jared Armstrong #Marine #smalltown #romance #Xmas

Five Things about Jared Armstrong - Hero of Marriage, Mobsters, and the Marine

He’s a former Marine and military sniper turned carpenter.

Family are important to him.

He’ll do anything for them—even enter into a marriage of convenience.

His tough shell hides a soft interior.

When he learns his wife had the world’s worst childhood while her brother got everything, he buys her the Lego Millennium Falcon she yearned for.

When his wife is kidnapped by Mobsters, his cold military persona takes over. He tracks her down, comforts her, and captures the bad guys. Then there's that one, amazing gunshot that only a former sniper could make.

He plans a breathtaking CHRISTMAS surprise for his wife. Want to know what? Then you'll have to read Marrige, Mobsters, and the Marine.


Former Marine Jared Armstrong—aka Masked Dom, Master Jay—strips sassy sub, Kitty Gail before spanking her bare bottom long and hard. Afterward, he makes her scream with intense, helpless pleasure. He wants to scene with her again. She refuses and flees Masked Night’s BDSM club in tears.

Frumpy schoolteacher Abigail Montgomery abandons her masked BDSM identity, Kitty Gail. She needs to marry for her brother to inherit their great-aunt’s fortune. Lacking confidence and looks, she advertises for a man willing to wed her.

Needing cash to help his family, Jared answers Abigail’s advert. He marries her, but without their masks, neither recognizes the other. He’s delighted that his new wife enjoys spanking and the scorching hot pleasure that follows.

Gangsters murdered one of his family. Wanting Abigail’s inheritance, they kidnap her. Can this former Marine save her? And, as Christmas looms, can their marriage survive? Or will he take her money and run?

Author’s note. Mobsters, Marriage and the Marine includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

A standalone story from the Heroes of Westhorpe Ridge Series.

I fell in love my hero, Jared Armstrong, all over again. He's a former military snIper turned carpenter who needs cash urgently. The only thing he has to sell is his self, so he marries the oddest woman he's ever seen.

Of course, true love never runs smooth. There'are arsonists, killers, kidnappers, and murderous crime bosses to deal with.

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Almost a quarter of an hour later, a woman stood, shoulders down, hands clasped together beside the table.

Her hair fell down her back in a frizzy mass of tangles and curls. She wore the baggiest sweater he’d ever seen. Her glasses were the gold-rimmed sort that went out of fashion before the change of the century.

When he rose to his feet, he towered over her diminutive frame. “Jared Armstrong. Pleased to meet you.”

She studied him a moment, nodded, and sat opposite him. “Abigail’s enough for now.”

He leaned back in his seat, forcing himself to appear relaxed. “Okay.”

He regretted not pulling her chair out and seating her, but she was a prospective employer, not his date. A good thing too, since she didn’t seem to have an ounce of vanity or dress sense. He sipped at his water and waited for her to speak.

Blushing, she sucked on her lower lip. “This is awkward. Can I ask you some questions?”

He nodded. “I don’t guarantee answering them, but shoot.”

God, he wished she’d get on with it, but she studied the unopened menu as though her life depended on it. Cheeks scarlet, she lifted her head. “Are you married?”

His eyes narrowed. His gaze raked her, dismissing her. He was all controlled strength and menace as he glared at her. “I’m single, HIV free, and I don’t screw anyone for cash.”

She choked on her drink, coughing and splattering water over the table. Jared watched and waited, unwilling to make this easy for her.

Seated opposite him, Abigail curled her hands into fists and laid them on her lap. Her smile faded and her voice trembled. “Will you marry me?”

“Are you pregnant?” he shot back.

Her cheeks turned scarlet. “No. In fact, I came on my period three days ago. But I need a husband. I know I’m not what you want in a wife, but I’m willing to pay you a $75,000 advance. I’ll also house, feed, and clothe you for two years. After that, you get another $150,000 when we divorce.”

He stared at her, trying to decide if she needed therapy—or perhaps a few weeks in the local insane asylum. “You’re serious?”

She took a sip of mineral water. “I am.”

His eyes narrowed, and his forehead furrowed in anger. “I’ll feed and clothe myself. Can I still put time in with my carpentry orders, or will you demand I get a job where you live?”

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