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5 Fact Thurdsay - Check out Lucy's Hearth - a #billionaire and #divorcee #romance

Five facts about Lucy’s Hearth

1. Lucy’s Hearth is the first book in the Morgan’s Fire series. Number six, Greta’s Goat will be published August 24th and is on preorder now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Google.

2. With her partner, Lolly Rogers, Lucy owns a very successful mail order book business called Merlin’s Closet that sells children’s books and adult regional mysteries

3. Recently divorced, Lucy is dating billionaire farmer and entrepreneur, Richard Morgan whom she met in Saguaro Valley, Arizona, home to Richard’s older brother Ben Morgan, patriarch of the Morgan’s Run series.

4. In this spin-off series of the Morgan’s Run series, Kyle Morgan, son of Ben Morgan, falls in love with Lucy’s sister Harriet and moves from Saguaro Valley to take the job of town veterinarian in Horseshoe Crab Cove.

5. Richard’s daughter, Gail, takes an instant dislike to Lucy, which makes things very uncomfortable. After Lucy and Richard’s romantic tryst in his study, of which a number of family members are aware, Gail is certain her instincts are correct and things go from bad to worse.

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Heart in pieces post-divorce, Lucy Winthrop visits her Uncle Ben Morgan’s ranch where she meets his younger brother, Richard. Her new neighbor back east, Richard is a self-made billionaire who goes after what he wants, and he wants Lucy. Back home in New England, they begin a white hot love affair. As the heat pumps up, Lucy tries to step back, scared she is in too deep, too fast. Will this gorgeous Morgan man let her go? And, in pulling away, is she giving up a dream of happiness she never thought possible?

As Lucy and Richard’s love story unfolds, join another branch of the Morgan family in this first book of Morgan’s Fire!

A Note from the Author

I am so happy to bring you Lucy and Richard’s love story! This marks the first of the Morgan’s

Fire books and also previews number two, Tim’s Hands—coming in summer of 2019. A contemporary romance series, the Morgan’s Fire follows Helen, Harriet and a host of strong, resilient women – and men — across the country to the New England coastal town of Horseshoe Crab Cove. Thank you so much for reading Lucy’s Hearth and exploring Horseshoe Crab Cove with me. What fun it is to set this book and this series on my home turf, the craggy New England coast, in a beautiful, fictional village filled with colorful, vibrant characters. If you like Lucy’s Hearth and are willing to write an Amazon review, I would be very grateful. If you would like to sign up for future book releases, giveaways and occasional notices about my books, please visit my Author Website and sign up for my newsletter and follow me on BookBub. I promise I will not share your address, nor will I flood you with emails. Do visit my site to read more about my books and hear what’s next. Finally, this book has been revised, proofed, and edited many, many times, but my intrepid assistants and I are human, so if you spot a typo, please email me at, and I will fix it. If you’d like to know more about my other books, please scroll ahead to the next section.

Warm wishes,

M. Lee

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